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The Bulldog Haze Auto Fem from Bulldog Seeds

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Strain detail:
Strain: The Bulldog Haze Auto Fem
Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: Yes
Phenotype: Hybrid
Flowering day: 63
Climate condition: Anywhere
Yield plant: 0
Profile description: The Bulldog™ Haze Auto is the combination of the Cannabis ruderalis species originated in central Russia with the famous Haze sativa plant. The Haze variety is found in many crosses that are available today and is a favorite to many sativa experts. It takes a total of 9–10 weeks of flowering indoors and it’s ready to harvest in mid-October outdoors. This strain produces a good yield and its effects are strong, with the typical hazy body and cerebral stone high.

Independent & Certified Tests:
This strain has no independent and certified test yet.

Public Tests:
This strain has no public test yet.