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SexBud Fem from Female Seeds

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Strain detail:
Strain: SexBud Fem
Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Pure Sativa
Announced yield: 88 (g)
Flowering day: 56
Climate condition: Anywhere
Yield plant: 0
Profile description: SexBud is the product of years of hard work. This is the spectacular result of a cross of a special White Grapefruit phenotype with the Female Seeds’ legendary C99. SexBud was launched only recently (2015) and has since been gaining popularity rapidly. It is an improved version of the C99 and it maintains its sativa traits, although the leaf structure is more indica inclined. SexBud develops with typical sativa-like characteristic meaning a tall, clean and clear structure made of long and flexible branches. SexBud responds very well to cloning, LST as well as SCROG and SOG. It develops long and flexible branches with pure frosty and hairy buds. SexBud can be grown in just about any environment and does very well outdoors as long as temperatures aren't too low or too high. What truly sets this strain apart from any other strain is the luscious flavor and aroma. This strain will produce one of the most vivid depth aromas a cannabis plant can produce. The odor is very complex with hints of grapefruit, pineapple and peach. These are only a few of the exciting aromas people have described. Extremely fruity smell and a delicate and intense taste of tropical fruit.

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