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Power Flower Fem from Royal Queen Seeds

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Strain detail:
Strain: Power Flower Fem
Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Pure Sativa
Announced yield: 125 (g)
Flowering day: 56
Climate condition: Anywhere
Yield plant: 0
Profile description: During the 90s, a group of passionate growers from the Netherlands travelled to South Africa to gather genetics which could be added to their library. Using the genetics they collected, this team would give birth to a nearly pure sativa (12% indica) made exclusively with those genetics. This weed would eventually take over Amsterdam’s coffeeshops, mostly still around today, and was known as Power Plant. Royal Queen Seeds’ Power Flower is an attempt to recreate the popular features of one of Amsterdam’s most famous weeds. This feminized plant will grow over 1 meter tall, up to 1.5 m indoors, but can stretch to 2 meters outside. It prefers a warm environment like California or Italy, however, it can be grown in south of France and Germany, while more northern latitudes are not recommended for this strain. With such a high yield in only 8 weeks of flowering, combined with a moderately easy grow, Power Flower is easily a top contender. With lots of light, fluffy green nuggets filling up all spacing between internodes, Power Flower is suitable for the sea/screen of green operations. The relatively easy grow also makes it suitable for first-time growers who want as little a challenge as possible. Power Flower will give smokers a taste of sweet and sour, like lemon and limes, followed by a subtle pine fresh flavor. 

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