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Allkush® Fem

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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Pure Indica
Announced yield: 113 (g)
Profile description: Allkush is a super resinous plant that has been bred with the best qualities of the Kush in order to produce a very satisfying update to this classic indica strain. With a sweet, slightly musky taste and a long-lasting effect thanks to the indica dominance, Allkush has relaxation qualities suitable for many medical patients with previous cannabis experience. Allkush is valued for its versatility. The great hash-making potential of the Kush plant that inspired many canna-pilgrims to take the “Hippie Trail” to Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 1970s. Thick colas produce large and dense buds that are crystalline and oozing with resin. Indoors, this plant is more on the short and stocky side, filling out, bush style, with thick branches. Outdoors, Allkush is a plant that is better suited to regions with more warmth and sunshine and can reach heights of more than 2 meters in regions with a more Mediterranean climate. Suitable for growing outside between 50° N and 50° S, Allkush is ready to harvest at the end of October outdoors (N. lat.) and between 8–9 weeks indoors. 

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