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Auto Duck® Fem

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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: Yes
Phenotype: Hybrid
Profile description: Auto Duck® is a stealthy variety with unusually shaped leaves which make it difficult to identify as cannabis, especially during the first half of its life before the buds form. Outdoors this variety tends to take around 85–90 days from seed to the harvest; it produces good quality cannabis and will bloom well in good conditions outdoors or in a greenhouse. Indoors, it is ready for harvest after about 75 days of 20/4 light. Auto Duck® has a stabilized natural leaf deformity, with webbed leaves that resemble a ducks foot print, as well as a light odor during the flowering period.  Auto Duck® is the autoflowering version of the bestselling photoperiod Frisian Duck® variety, crossed with Auto White Widow® which turned it into a potent autoflowering strain. Auto Duck® has green buds and a similar scent as Frisian Duck®. Perfect for urban growing, ideal for growers who don’t want the world to know they’re growing cannabis.

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