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Blue Berry reg

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Seed type: Regular
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Pure Indica
Announced yield: 113 (g)
Profile description: Indica-dominant. (Chocolate Thai x Afghani #1 x Highland Oaxaca) x NL Special. Fruity blueberry flavor. Big yielder. Spliff Seeds crossed DJ Short’s original Blueberry (Chocolate Thai, Afghani and Highland Oaxacan Gold) with their Northern Light Special resulting in their ultimate Blue Berry strain. Blue Berry is known for his fruity, sweet flavor and pleasurable high. Their Blue Berry can also be grown outdoor in colder climates due to its NLS father. It has massive trichome coverage for outdoor. An awesome flower-to-leaf ratio makes it easy to manicure. Spliff Seeds’ Blue Berry has three phenos with variation in budshape, leaves, high and color. Overall you can say Blue Berry is a short, sturdy and stocky plant producing heavy, compact buds. In ideal conditions its calyxes can turn purple. You can prune or fim to improve results, but it does need too much room. It doesn’t require too much nutrients either. Vegetative period about three weeks. Blue Berry has a fruity, earthy aroma and a berrylike, sweet flavor. Medicinal value: nausea, diarrhea, cramp, chronic pain, joint and muscle pain.

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