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Blue Cheese Automatic Fem

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Strain detail:
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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: Yes
Phenotype: Hybrid
Announced yield: 81 (g)
Profile description: Blue Cheese Automatic cannabis seeds are a cross of Blueberry Automatic and Cheese Automatic that has been perfected over five years of breeding and careful selection. The result is a feminized, autoflowering seed with superior flavor and other qualities inherited from its distinguished parent strains. Blue Cheese Automatic is a flexible indoor/outdoor plant, flourishing in any temperate, high light setting. Because of the small size of the plant, it is perfect for a balcony, terrace or other stealthy growing situations. It will develop purple coloration if nights grow cold before harvest; however, its early harvest dates make this rare. The buds are heavy, compact and full of sticky resin. Blue Cheese autoflowering feminized plants love the sunlight, so plant it between mid-May and early June if you are growing outside. Adding 30% coco to the soil mix will improve aeration, enhance the root growth and allow the plant to develop to maximum potential. As with all automatic plants, this one should be watered with small amounts on a frequent basis and given plenty of good light. Blue Cheese Auto is a grower-friendly seed that has no special needs and is not overly complicated to cultivate. The plants flower for roughly seven to eights weeks and should be ready for harvest around ten weeks, allowing outdoor growers to harvest before night freezes begin. The short growing season makes it a favorite of people growing in chillier outdoor settings, as even a short summer is long enough to get world-class Blue Cheese buds. The mature plant is small, but don’t let the size fool you. Blue Cheese Auto plants enter harvest season heavy with sparkling buds high in resin. While the plant’s specifications are definitely a plus, many growers want to get Blue Cheese Automatic for the gourmet aroma and taste. This strain offers a perfect blend of the parent plants. The buds are highly aromatic and can be smelled across the room. You’ll notice a strong, sweet, fruity smell with a pleasantly skunky tang reminiscent of old school plants. The taste is of berries and spice with an aftertaste of mild creamy cheese. The plant has a moist, rich, aromatic smoke that has not even a hint of dryness. The high resin will make it a favorite among hash enthusiasts as well. This award-winning plant is a grower’s delight with rich, cheesy flavor and flexible growing conditions. Its beautiful, sparkling buds are a consistent favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. Blue Cheese Automatic is a rewarding plant to grow and a perfect strain for cheese lovers.  

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