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Blue Mystic Fem

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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Pure Indica
Announced yield: 94 (g)
Profile description: Around the mountains and hills of Oregon and California, a crew of connoisseur cannabis breeders were working on some new strains, which would eventually lay the foundations for the North American marijuana varieties that are around today. The group included a legendary breeder who crossed some Thailand races, Thai hybrids and an Afghan that had been around since the 80s. The result of this selection and breeding through hundreds, even thousands, of seeds would be one of the most famous varieties smoked today, Blueberry. Coming out of that California/Oregon melting pot of genetics, Royal Queen Seeds found a wonderful strain which they developed into a feminized seed to bring Blue Mystic. This indica-dominant plant is short-stacked, with little stretching, growing almost like bonsai or broccoli. It can grow just over 1 m tall but growers are advised to either pinch or top the plant to produce more of a bushy plant. Since it will not grow much vertically, bushing the volume of the plant sideways can give better results. RQS experts also recommend a week longer than normal in veg with Blue Mystic. Outdoors, it needs the warmth of the Mediterranean or California and does not do well in northern Europe. Feminized Blue Mystic can be ready for harvest after 8 weeks, giving it a vibrant sweet taste of fresh fruit. If given a little longer (up to 10 weeks), it will lose some flavor but pay you back with more intense resin. As always, RQS experts recommend drying your plants before manicuring the buds, but it’s especially recommended with Blue Mystic to bring about the full flavor of this plant. If captured correctly, the flavor of Blue Mystic should be so sweet and refreshing as to give the smoker an actual taste of drinking juice. In other words, this is a blueberry indica with a truly intense flavor!

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