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Blue Velvet® Fem

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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Hybrid
Profile description: After many years spent in the genebank, Blue Velvet, the sister of the famous Blueberry, is back. Blue Velvet is 50% indica/50% sativa although the indica genetics are the dominant ones which tend to be expressed more clearly. The parent genetics come from Purple Thai (a cross of Oaxaca Gold and a special Chocolate Thai) and a powerful Afghani indica. In the 1990s Dutch Passion worked together with the original Blueberry breeder, and this was the time when Dutch Passion first introduced the Blueberry family into Europe. Blue Velvet has been bred using original seed-stock from that 1990s breeding project.  Indoors Blue Velvet will perform well, even though it will often remain short at around 50–60 centimeters therefore it is good in SOG (sea of green) grows. Blue Velvet forms a sturdy main cola frosted with lots of resin, indoors it requires 8 weeks to flower. Outdoors it is ready by the end of September/early October. Blue Velvet may show blue colorations especially when exposed to cooler indoor growing conditions or when grown outdoors. When grown outdoors in a good climate, Blue Velvet can reach 2–3 meters in height. Blue Velvet is easy to take cuttings from and able to take reasonably high nutrient levels. It is celebrated for its fruity floral flavor. Blue Velvet is an old classic and connoisseurs’ favorite, highly recommended.

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