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Cheese Fem

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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Pure Indica
Announced yield: 175 (g)
Profile description: Cheese is based on a selected Skunk phenotype and is the best choice when you want to chill, get demobilized, glued to the couch or straight out completely stunned. A word of caution to those with a low tolerance, this highly potent weed will make you stumble around aimlessly, thinking "Damn am I high." So, while not inducing a complex high, Cheese definitely brings on a good mood and a very relaxed and calm feeling. Cheese is a great natural alternative, if you dislike or are intolerant to pharmaceutical soporifics. Cheese performs great when grown in a ScrOG setup and is a good choice for commercial growers who want to add an extremely potent weed to their catalog. Reared in a grow-room the plants reach their full maturity after 8-10 weeks of flowering  - outdoors they will be dressed in huge elongated and highly resinous buds at the end of September. Oftentimes the buds become too heavy for the plant, so support may become required. The intense aroma of Cheese is sweet, piney and skunky, with a touch of Parmesan cheese scent. Definitely a delicious smell, but you surely don't want your whole hut to adopt that stench, so check your ventilation system and carbon filters before she enters the flowering phase. It contains an explosive blend of cannabinoids, so beware of the high! This is a creeper that slowly sneaks up from behind, so savor this weed with caution and test your bounds before taking a nosedive into it. Cannabis Cups: 1st place in the outdoor category at the Spannabis 2013 2nd place in the indoor category at the Spannabis 2013 1st place at the ExpoGrow-Irún 2013 1st place in the Seeds Company category at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2006

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