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Claustrum Fem

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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Pure Sativa
Announced yield: 125 (g)
Profile description: High Cannabis Engineering. Claustrum, our award-winning masterpiece, is the result of crossing three excellent sativas. Crossing Super Silver Haze x Kali Mist first produced offspring highly unpredictable, but from which it was possible to choose a super hybrid that carried 50% of the genes of its ancestors. It was then crossed with one of the best varieties in history, Jack Herer. It is a plant with a distinctive vegetative will. Its shape of a Christmas tree or candlestick with large spacing between sets of branches and perfect branch placement ensures optimum airflow between buds. In addition it allows creating a large number of clones. When growing indoors it is recommended to optimize the lighting, the plant can reach a height of at least one meter. Outdoors, if supplied with a quality substrate, it can reach up to 5 meters in height.

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