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Dinamed CBD Fem

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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Hybrid
Announced yield: 125 (g)
Profile description: What distinguishes the therapeutic use of cannabis from the recreational use is the fact that consumers do not wish to experiment with its psychoactive effects, but prefer to benefit from its therapeutic properties, among others, for treating a wide variety of ailments.The studies that bring to light the many therapeutic benefits of cannabis, particularly of CBD, are becoming increasingly numerous. After spending so many years in the shadow of its psychoactive antagonist, CBD is starting to find its place in the cannabis market, offering innumerable advantages and properties. One of its greatest assets is that it allows people to consume cannabis more sustainably, meaning those who want to benefit from its many therapeutic properties will be able to do it without worries. For instance, it is perfect for treating muscle tension, which is why people suffering from multiple sclerosis should definitely bear this genetics in mind. Due to its anticonvulsant potential, there are already people consuming it for fighting epilepsy when conventional treatments do not work, as is the case for Dravet syndrome. In some cases, the treatment for this kind of disease is merely based on CBD, with the result being really positive, effective and with almost zero side effects. Research shows that CBD is effective in the treatment of stress, nausea or even mental disorders such as schizophrenia as well. For those users, the team of Dinafem breeders has created Dinamed CBD with increased levels of CBD, a direct descendent of a CBD-rich elite line that they have spent two years selecting, crossing and stabilizing. Its CBD content is so high (and so low are its THC levels) that the psychoactive effects of THC are nowhere to be found. It is meant to meet the requirements of the people who need to make a therapeutic use – or even recreationals users of cannabis – without experiencing any psychoactive effects. It can also be consumed mixed with other, stronger strains, to obtain a gentler blend with all the properties of CBD. Dinamed CBD comes from an extraordinary CBD-rich strain known as Dancehall. It is a rather sativa-dominant hybrid, with a strong personality and sativa-like thin and elongated leaves, noted for its large side branches and its average internodal spacing. If the temperature drops at night during the last stage of the flowering, its leaves are likely to acquire beautiful purplish hues. A real sight to behold. Dinamed CBD delivers numerous sativa-shaped buds with a large flower/leaf ratio. Due to its CBD content, it produces less glandular trichomes than high-THC strains. Its flowers, on the contrary, contain a greater quantity of basal trichomes that, being smaller than glandular trichomes, give buds a less resinous look. In short, resin seems a bit different from that of THC-rich genetics. While the latter can be used to elaborate hash, high-CBD strains are more difficult to melt and mix. Some of the clear sativa traits of Dinamed CBD are its amazing vigor and tendency to grow incredibly tall. It needs some 60 days to complete the flowering stage. Needless to say, this strain won 1st prize in the “Flower” category at the CBD-Rich Cup. Dinamed CBD stands out not only for being the one and only strain in their catalogue with no psychoactive effect, but also for its deliciously sweet and fruity orangey taste. Given its incredibly high CBD content, exceeding 10% and getting up to 13% in same cases and under suitable growing conditions, Dinamed CBD is a plant with no psychoactive effects. At least, no more than a nice, gentle and relaxing effect. The THC percentage of this strain is not particularly high either, always less than 1%. There are also many studies indicating CBD showcases a wide variety of therapeutic properties up to such an extent that it can relieve inflammation or symptoms deriving from diseases such as multiple sclerosis or epilepsy. Another important asset is her ability to counteract the negative effects of THC or to prevent you from passing out. Being conceived for therapeutic purposes, an oil extract is much better than a joint, especially because there is no combustion of any kind involved. What Dinafem’s breeders have been passionately obsessed with and what makes them different from other seed banks is their determination to obtain incredibly stable genetics capable of keeping, to a certain extent, each and every of the traits they wanted them to showcase. An ability that is certainly a must for a strain that, like Dinamed CBD, is to be used for therapeutic purposes. They do know they are working with living things that vary according to a number of factors that sometimes are not under their control such as the growing conditions, but, thanks to the use of really sophisticated breeding techniques and to the meticulous work carried out by their Lab, they have managed to make sure Dinamed CBD presents an extraordinary stability. That’s why they can guarantee Dinamed CBD’s THC levels will range from 0.5% to 1%, the latter being a rare thing, while its CBD content could be around 10%, and sometimes reach 13%. To achieve this, they worked on a CBD-rich elite line based on the Dancehall strain. The first selection process was carried out with 2000 seeds. From those, they selected a tiny handful of elite plants comprising the two best females and the best male. Then, after selecting 500 seeds, Pure CBD 4 came to life, the mother plant of which, producing 12% of CBD and 0.5% of THC, was used for creating Dinamed CBD. The strength and morphology were the aspects they mainly took into account when carrying out such processes, which came to an end after conducting several thorough analyses of the chemical composition with a gas-chromatograph that allowed them to obtain detailed information about the selected individuals and the real CBD content of every plant.

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