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Early Amnesia CBD Fem

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Strain detail:
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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Hybrid
Announced yield: 150 (g)
Profile description: Early Amnesia CBD is one of the strains in the Dinafem catalogue they're most proud of. With this strain, the team of breeders in Dinafem have achieved what not so long ago seemed rather impossible: to create a sativa that would keep all the typical sativa traits intact but with a faster flowering and a gentler effect. Thanks to Early Amnesia CBD, the number 1 strain in Dutch coffee shops is now accessible to all types of consumers and growers. It puts together the amazing flavor of sativa genotypes, the quick flowering of indica strains and the bearable effects of CBD. There’s no doubt it is a lot faster than its sisters, capable of reducing the flowering period of Original Amnesia and Amnesia CBD a week or even 10 days, without prejudice to any of their distinctive traits: flavor and vigor. How did they do it? They have created a completely different genetic formula by crossing an autoflowering plant of their CBD Auto elite line with an Original Amnesia. The result of such an incredible cross is a feminized cannabis plant that has inherited the amazing speed of its auto relative. Early Amnesia CBD is truly the daughter of the powerful Original Amnesia, meaning it still showcases each and every of the captivating traits of the original plant, that is,its vigorous vegetative growth and its marvelous fruity incensed taste. In this case, though, its high CBD content makes its effect far more moderate than its wild predecessor’s. This specimen is clearly a sativa-dominant hybrid: large, branchy, with a vigorous and fast growth...Contrary to what people may believe, its internodes aren’t particularly ample. When it comes to its leaves, they’re big, with fleshy, long and jagged leaflets. Belonging to this legendary dynasty, Early Amnesia CBD, as expected, yields delicious resinous buds. Early Amnesia CBD needs to be provided with more light and nutrients than other strains. If we do so, it will flower in just 60 days from the moment the photoperiod is switched to a 12–12 schedule indoors. When cultivating outdoors, Early Amnesia CBD will be ready for harvest at the beginning of October, in some 10 days before Original Amnesia. The taste and aroma of Early Amnesia CBD are mostly citric, accompanied by the delicious blend of fruits and lemon typically found in the Amnesia family, as well as by the amazing orangey nuances that characterize the CBD elite line by Dinafem. Apart from its fast-flowering properties, its effects are what distinguishes an Early Amnesia CBD from the other Amnesia genetics. Its CBD content being so high, it's far from causing memory loss or psychedelic reactions, unlike the Original Amnesia.   

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