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Forest Dream® Fem

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Strain detail:
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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Pure Sativa
Profile description: Forest Dream® is suited for outdoor, greenhouse and indoor growing. This sativa-dominant variety is very easy to grow and therefore suited for less experienced growers. It grows fast and develops lots of side branches. Forest Dream® also flowers fast; at the end of the flowering period the buds are covered in crystals. The average plant size is 1.5 to 2 meters but outdoors some grow up to 3–4 meters tall. The sweet taste is extremely smooth and enjoyable. Forest Dream® produces dense buds and the average flowering period is only 8 weeks. Grown outdoors Forest Dream® can become sensitive to mold at the end of the flowering period so it’s advised to frequently check your plants during fall. The members of the Dutch Passion testing team uninamously claim that Forest Dream® is an easy-to-grow and energetic outdoor sativa with a top quality flavor.

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