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Fruit Spirit Fem

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Strain detail:
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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Hybrid
Announced yield: 94 (g)
Profile description: Fruit Spirit is the current result of the never-ending quest for new flavors that send your taste buds dancing with every hit of the joint/bong. This feminized strain by RQS is one of the sweetest members of the White Widow family, designed for connoisseur smokers who are looking for a new flavor that will never get boring. Although it is a sativa-dominant plant, Fruit Spirit will not grow over 1 meter tall indoors. Outside, it needs a lot of sun like in Italy or Greece and can even handle more tropical locations like Jamaica or Brazil. Outdoors, this strain will stretch to 2 meters tall and is not suited to colder climates like France and UK. It doesn’t stretch much during flowering , so fans of big main colas will be very pleased with the growth of Fruit Spirit. Consisting of tight, frosty buds, it carries an aroma that will have you itching to harvest. This cannabis strain will require an 8-week flowering period, which is relatively short for a sativa-dominant plant. Extra care and consideration should be taken to maximize the flavor of Fruit Spirit after harvesting. As always, experts recommend to dry the plant for 7 days prior to trimming/clipping. Performing a dry trim will help to maintain this special flavor, which can be easily lost during the drying period. The aroma experienced while growing this magnificent specimen is accompanied by an even more exquisite experience when smoked. With its super sweet taste, it is one of RQS’ best-tasting feminized strains, an absolute splendor to smoke with every hit tasting like a mouthful of blueberries.

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