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Gold Bar Kush Fem

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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Hybrid
Announced yield: 100 (g)
Profile description: Hybrid. Medical Kush x Orange Bud. Bushy kush strain with sticky buds and a strong orange aroma. Amazing taste that combines orange and kush. By crossing Medical Kush with Orange Bud, Spliff Seeds created a vigorous Kush hybrid that combines the unique flavors of these two strains and has a significantly improved bud structure compared to its parents. They turned the dank lemon scent of Medical Kush into a sharper citrus orange one, resulting in a uniquely exotic Kush variety. Gold Bar Kush grows rapidly and is very stable. Its internode spacing is also very regular, allowing it to pack on frosty buds all the way down. It takes a little longer than most Kush strains to flower and finishes in around 65 days, but is not a difficult plant to grow. It can take a lot of nutrients but can also grow well without heavy feeding. The easy to harvest buds are bright green with big orange hairs and resemble skunk in terms of bud structure. The deep sharp orange smell and taste is accompanied by a creamy kush aftertaste. Medicinal applications include alleviating stress, chronic pain, depression and a lack of appetite.

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