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Great White

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Seed type: Regular
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Pure Indica
Profile description: In the animal kingdom, the Great White is a fearful predator. A natural born killer. In our plant kingdom, Great White can be described as a natural born chiller. This beast is almost pure indica. It is a very strong and robust plant with huge dark green leaves and a fat stem. Like every good indica, this beauty goes crazy with the branches, making a lot of them, with short internodal distances. Great White produces unbelievable amount of resin covering its huge and very hard buds. The central cola looks like a rugby ball. With the white strains family, it is recommended to reduce the amount of light for the last few days and let the plant rest in the dark. This will give you even more resin, which will resemble a white coat. After a gentle rub you will be amazed by the fresh fruity smell of this plant. It is going to teleport you straight to the beach. But beware! Somewhere in the water… there is a natural born… chiller.

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