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La S.A.G.E.® CBD Fem

Image of La S.A.G.E.® CBD Fem

Strain detail:
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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Hybrid
Announced yield: 113 (g)
Profile description: La S.A.G.E. CBD is a little bit more sativa than the S.A.G.E. CBD and thus has a slightly longer flowering time. The flavor is more of a lemony/fruity candy taste. Don't give it more than 3 weeks in vegetation period, because the stretch is significant. The flowering time is between 8–10 weeks, with yields between 450 to 500 psm. It produces copious amounts of resin, which makes it a very good strain for extractions.

Independent & Certified Tests:
This strain has no independent and certified test yet.

Public Tests:
This strain has no public test yet.