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Polm Gold Outdoor Fem

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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: Yes
Phenotype: Pure Sativa
Announced yield: 600 (g)
Profile description: Polm Gold Semi-Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Spliff Seeds: Polm Gold Semi-Auto 90% Sativa Genotype: Chefchaouen Sativa x Viking x Early Pearl earthy, sweet lime flavour and spicy, sweet and sour taste, big yielding outdoor strain, early finisher; begin to mid-September in Holland, stoned High, potential THC level medium-high. We used genetic material brought from the Chefchaouen region (Sativa dominant clones) and crossbred her with a Viking and Early Pearl to improve yield. The resulting hybrid we stabilized during many generations of breeding and selection to suit her to the cold and damp Dutch climate. A climate where spring and summer are often plagued by extreme weather conditions; torrential rains and extreme temperature changes. Polm Gold Outdoor should at least have 8 weeks as a vegetative period. Ideally place her outdoor around mid-May. Polm Gold Outdoor will start to flower as early as mid to end of July. Harvest time is mid-September. If you are impatient, you can harvest her as early as the beginning of September, although she will not have matured completely by then. Not suitable for indoor growing because this Sativa dominant plant will take to the sky, Polm Gold Outdoor will even root on rock soil. She has the best root development of all our outdoor strains. These roots make for a plant of amazing production. She is a typical tall and wide structured Sativa, so you might want to keep her length at bay. When cloned and put under 24 hours of light you will see her start to flower within 2.5 weeks (autoflowering property). Polm Gold is the most stable, uniform variety of all our outdoor varieties. Big buds are no exception to this strain and the colas are sugar coated, abundant with resin. This sweet tasting, highly aromatic 90% African Sativa is in taste quite similar to our Blue Berry. She has an earthy, sweet and citrusy aroma and spicy, sweet and sour taste. Polm Gold offers exceptional yields and has a stoned high sensation, possible THC level high.

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