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Royal Cheese – fast Fem

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Strain detail:
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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Hybrid
Announced yield: 113 (g)
Profile description: Cheese is a legendary cannabis plant with origins based in the UK. This marijuana strain has its heritage from some original Skunk #1 that was rediscovered and then developed by a dedicated crew of cannabis growers from London. Finally they gave birth to a skunk that was so stinky that there seemed no more fitting a name than Cheese. Since then, the Cheese genetic has spread around the world, winning a Cannabis Cup and reaching near legendary status in the eyes of smokers while doing so. Feminized Royal Cheese will grow to about 1.5 meters indoors, but will stretch to over 2.5 meters out in the sun. This strain loves to drink and will grow big and strong as a result. The biggest issue encountered when growing Royal Cheese is the smell. This plant stinks so much that a carbon filter is almost essential for indoors, while everyone in the immediate radius will smell it outside. Outdoors, this plant will tower above everything else, especially in the correct climate (Spain, Italy, and California). It can be grown outdoors in northern Europe too, but will produce a lower quality buds than if grown indoors. Feminized Royal Cheese can be harvested 6–8 weeks after flowering to achieve the strongest flavor. Leaving it 2 weeks longer, 10 weeks, will give less flavor but will pack more of a punch. Different growers enjoy different effects so it’s up to every grower personally to experiment which is the right time for them; however, as a general rule, Cheese can be harvested at 6–8 weeks. The smoke from Cheese carries such a strong, pungent aroma which follows through with a good flavor. Fantastic Cheese with a faster flowering time than before. 

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