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Shining Silver Haze Fem

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Seed type: Feminized
Autoflowering: No
Phenotype: Pure Sativa
Announced yield: 150 (g)
Profile description: Ever since a pair of brothers started breeding sativas from all over the world back in the 70s, cannabis smokers have been truly grateful for the existence of a type of plant called haze. Originally, this was the culmination of years of breeding thousands of seeds from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and South India. Eventually this haze genetics would make its way over to Holland for further hybridization to form the pinnacle of modern day sativa strains. Upon arriving in Holland, along with the now classic skunk varieties, a pair of breeders went to work to find that super hybrid which could capture the sweet taste and high of a haze, but the short flowering period of an indica. Using a combination of haze, skunk and Northern Lights genetics, one of these breeders would end up with one of the first haze classics, Super Silver Haze. Since then, these early genetics have been spread out and hybridized over the years, also resulting in the development of one of the top varieties at Royal Queen Seeds, Shining Silver Haze. This haze hybrid will grow to about 1 meter tall, very short for a haze, indoors, but can stretch to over 2 meters outside. Grown outdoors, it will need a lot of sun, even a greenhouse, in regions like Spain, Italy or North Africa. Flowering time is 9–10 weeks, which is really quite short for a haze plant. There are very few haze varieties which can produce that sweet taste in less than 10 weeks, but Shining Silver Haze is definitely one of them. The smoke from Shining Silver Haze with its super sweet flavor makes your taste buds moist with anticipation.

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